3D multi jointed swimbaits lures

 Multi-Jointed Swimbaits

This swim bait that I actually found on Amazon and it’s not that expensive. This thing was under $20 which is crazy .Because some of the baits that I used were over $100 .I’ll be honest I’m pretty surprised by this thing’s action.It’s got a nice little tail kick to it.when I twitch it it kind of shoots off to the side .

Top features :

  1. Extreme realism
  2. Swims like a real fish
  3. Strong jointing & increased flexibility

NVIDIA GTX 1660 Ti Review – The Fastest GPU Under $300!

Another day and another major launch in the graphics card realm .it seems like the last few months have been filled with these .I mean honestly guys it started with the RTX a series back in October and then it later on continued with AMD launch of the RX 590.. now it’s Nvidia’s turn again but in a very different way that people are expecting .So these are examples of the gtx 1660 TI . gtx 1000 series is making a comeback and I’m super stoked about that .now what exactly it’s a gtx 1660 TI .well I’m gonna make this explanation as simple as possible before getting into the performance results .

Whats inside GTX 1660 Ti

in short what NVIDIA has done is taking the turing architecture from the RTX cards and cut out both the tensor and RT partitions .what we’re left with is what’s called a tu116 which is GPU core without any rtx features .so forget about running things like DLSS or ray-tracing .however it uses the brand new turing architecture with a 12 nanometer manufacturing process .so shady performance is loads better than a gtx 1060 for example .the cool thing here is that along with the turing architecture enhancements the gtx 1660 TI also gets its enhanced nVNC encoder and NVdec decoder capabilities.that’s a pretty big deal for streamers.right now ray tracing and other AI operations take a ton of resources even with the tensor and RT cores helping out. and that means lower end graphics cards would be able to offer a good gameplay experience and guess what that’ll cause some of invidious key technologies to be only available for people who are willing to spend a big chunk of money on these expensive RTX GPUs .and I wonder how that’ll affect RTX game development .probably not that well now.

GTX 1660 Ti Price

for my specs and pricing standpoint the GTX 1660 Ti sits right in between the GTX 1060 6 gigabyte and the RTX 2060 .it’ll start up $280 and as 1536 CUDA cores and 6 gigabytes of 12 gigabits per sec GDDR memory operating over 192 bit memory bus .it’ll start at $280 which happens to be $30 more than what this 1060 launched. but it’s $70 less than the lowest-priced rtx 2060’s do note that nvidia won’t have a Founders Edition on this one though as for clock speeds the reference boards will have a booth speed of 1770 megahertz the EVGA gtx 1660 ti XC Black Edition that I have over here hits those reference speeds and also Nvidia‘s $280 starting price .we actually saw its boost frequency hit 1880 megahertz pretty regularly though. the MSI gaming X version is a different beast on the other hand. it comes pre overclocked and with a pretty hefty 310 price tag .but it’s levelled out around 1950 megahertz in most games .so expect a few FPS improvement. the problem might be its price since $310 puts msi really close to lower priced RTX 2060 cards .but don’t forget the 2060s boot speeds are only around 1700 megahertz .so it’ll be interesting to see how closely MSI 1660 I can get. For more visit

Motorola RAZR Gaming Review

Motorola RAZR Foldable :

I finally got my hands on another fobel device. I’m talking about the Motorola RAZR . Now all remember the old razor if you’re young you’re going okay this is a pretty cool-looking foldable . Every time i gotta buy a new device the first thing we do is i play some games on here and of course I got to play call of duty mobile on Motorola RAZR and do a gaming review about motorola razr . But before we get into gameplay in a second .Let’s just talk about what we have here. That is truly unique now in terms of size and footprint when it is folded it is the same size as the original Motorola RAZR. it is thin it is small it is very portable . So you put it in your pocket it slides right in I mean it fits in any pocket or pouch or purse if you will .

Now when you open it up it’s got a 6.2 inch display .This is a nice display it looks pretty nice and vibrant . The display also is a foldable display .but you really can’t see the crease here because they’ve got a really cool hinge mechanism with sliding plates . So it folds flat. It folds literally flat whenever you fold it or open it up as you can clearly see. Now this is powered by the Snapdragon 710 processor . So this is not of course you talk to your processor. But more of us focusing on design and functionality .one of the components are packed into the chin where you have cause the speaker or USB type-c ports your antennas as well it’s powered by 6 gigs of RAM in the device.

Motorola Razr Gaming :

now what about gaming and gameplay. now i play call of duty Mobile on its max settings . So there is something to be said though about gaming on this device . It getting really well . What I liked about it is as you bend and folded by a vice while gaming it felt really rigid and solid. You know just navigating on that screen again it’s kind of like a 21 by 9 aspect ratio .so it’s much wider it felt good. I felt like I got a good field of view. terms of temperatures it ran really hot quickly . Again this is not a final device so I can’t give you a gauge on that . They will change a couple of things I’m sure before it actually found any launches and maybe software tweaks and things like that . But you do have that in mind. device it would be launching in January 2020 . Pre-orders start in December . so take it as you will pricing is 1,500 for the device . But if a Verizon customer you can get it for 62 dollars a month in terms of their pricing skill .

Now the device is really unique. I mean you’ve got a front display that acts as your notification display you can quickly respond to people check out notifications you don’t have to open up your device . So you don’t feel tethered to it.but you can use that front display as with the rear camera which is the 60 million pixel camera to of course take your selfies you twist and unlock your device . You can start shooting photos and all that kind of fun stuff . The camera will go into different modes automatically for you into like portrait or it will go into night mode whatever situations you fall into . They said they’ve got disabilities there but i didn’t spend a lot of time with that. Don’t know the battery size yet because they didn’t talk about this but I have to say though the hinge feels really good . the display will just be solid it is water scratch resistant as well so you’ve got that built in there. It closes flat it fits into your pocket well and it does have the call of duty well enough . So I really can’t complain there.

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Google Stadia : Play games without Gaming Rigs and Consoles.

New Google Stadia !

Today I’m going to be reviewing Google’s stadia. It’s finally out. This is the found roots Edition which is out this week for those who pre-ordered it and I’ve been using it for about the past week playing a selection of their launch titles and using it in a variety of conditions to see what the performance and the feature set for cloud gaming at least from Google’s perspective is all about. Because I’m sure some of you have read or heard this is this launch is not without some interesting launch conditions .let’s call that .So if you’re not familiar stadia ,was announced earlier this year . Something that Google has been working on for quite a long time now and it’s not necessarily their console because it’s not real console hardware or a game platform.

Google stadia

How Google Stadia works :

it’s cloud gaming service.They have data centers that they’ve set up. They’ve built these server blades with very high-end PC hardware ,a ton of potential compute an order of magnitude more potential power than when you get on like an Xbox one S .And the ability to then render those games remotely and stream them over Wi-Fi or over Ethernet connection onto your pixel phone your laptop or Chromebook when your Chrome browser or onto a TV using a chromecast ultra .In theoretically as high fidelity up to a 4k HDR with iPhone 11, surround-sound and as low latency as you would be able to
expect playing you know almost any game in the home .I’m not gonna dive too much into that compression and latency technology today.

Google Stadia tiers :

But we will talk about the experience.And there are a couple of tiers to stadia .A lot of people have been confused about what you buy or what you get. what’s launching right now is the founders Edition . so that’s the paid tier to state and your pay essentially ten dollars a month and you do get a couple months free with the founders edition . The hardware that you buy to get access to the service and with that you do get one free game at launch you get destiny 2. But then you also then have the ability to pay for games full price games that you would go buy on PC or other consoles .

There will be a free tier to stadia coming next year and that will be again you buy the games you won’t get the free game like destiny or whatever games they announced in the future and your streaming quality will be limited to 1080. so like might make more sense for a mobile play or playing on a laptop but if you want the best quality you have a 55 or 65 inch 4k HDR TV at home you might want to then look at the paid monthly version of a stadia. well you’re not buying game console hardware with stadia .you’re not buying a 300 or $400 game console or gaming PC that you put in your living room or your office .There is the opportunity to buy some hardware to make stadia work .

Google stadia mobile claw

Google Stadia Controller :

so the foundation comes with the controller and you can buy the controller and the controller is really great. it’s designed really well has button parity
with with all the major consoles .so you got your triggers your shoulder buttons you had a good d-pad two analog sticks that again feel really familiar if you’re used to playing on an Xbox and some custom buttons for accessing things like google assist in and sharing videos.on the center stadia button and it’s charged over USB or data runs over USB right now .On mobile site it runs on pixel phones and what they’re calling the Google the claw attachment design .internally this doesn’t come with the final edition .it will be sold exclusively on the Google store and it’s a really nice clip really well designed as well .you clip it onto the controller and exposes the headphone jack your stadia button as well as the USB C port and then phone’s can snap in right there. plug in the USB C cable and you then have the ability to control your game on your phone . And this is really nice ergonomic design .

on a TV side if you want to play stating games on a TV at launch will only work with the chromecast 4k. the chromecast ultra
and in fact at very launch it only works,with the chromecast Ultra that ship with a Founders Edition and other chromecast ultras will need a firmware patch. The version that comes with the foundation has the Ethernet port which is nice .so you want the lowest latency you’re gonna want to connect that over your internet connection and not just use Wi-Fi. but of course ideas that you can play in almost places as you have Google Chrome or
chromecast products. so you can also play this on a laptop or PC in your Chrome browser with a keyboard mouse or plugged in USB gamepad .

Google Stadia Performance :

so let’s talk about performance. when taking it to home I was surprised.I do have gigabit access at home and the latency on my TV using the chromecast and using the controller here was really really good.like going doing an a/b test between that and local Xbox one.it was almost indistinguishable playing a 4k game on the TV . if you go right up to the TV and you try to look at the anti-aliasing and look at some compression you may notice some of that if you’re going right up to the TV . but at a standard distance away from the TV of about 10, 15 feet no problems with the quality .The quality even looks better on a mobile phone of course that’s running at the phone’s resolution in case of the 1080p and I was just flabbergasted. I love looking at these high-end console games and PC games like Tomb Raider rendered on this phone because my brain just doesn’t believe it . because I’m waiting for the phone to overheat I’m waiting for the battery drained down the fans aren’t nothing like makes me feel like this is like watching a youtube video. it looks like it’s locally rendered. I tried to see if I can see dithering. But it just looks great on the mobile device .

Google stadia

The thing that doesn’t work so well on the mobile device is sometimes the UI .A lot of these games are designed for play on big screen TVs or designed for play on a computer screen a 27-inch monitor 24 inch monitor. And when scaled down to a six inch phone I am finding that the UI isn’t adapted . I am squinting to read the text a lot of the prompts that pop up .so it’s not optimized for this size of display . And I did find myself wanting to tap the screen to hit dialogue buttons,when it says press a to close this one or okay, I want to hit that okay button,with my finger but developers for these games haven’t made them touch compatible. no don’t know if that would be possible to do so because when you play this on a PC on the Chrome browser keyboard mouse is activated .so I’m wondering could they just activate touch as an analog to a mouse click for example. The places where I did find the most noticeable compression ,the ring ended up being on a web browser and on the PC screen and you know you do need a decent internet connection to make this work.

Google stadia bandwidth.

Google stadia bandwidth usage :

Every time you load a game there will be a check on your connection . So home Wi-Fi and office Wi-Fi which is obviously not the best Wi-Fi .Still stream fine .but places like Airport free Wi-Fi .That’s not good actually being able to work and won’t even try to run the game on poor Wi-Fi connections. So your experience may vary right now .it won’t even work over mobile connections and it will consume a fair amount of bandwidth .if you’re at home on a 4k stream for example you may get up to 15 gigs per hour of download for just the video streaming .But of course if you’re talking about of game like Red Dead Redemption 2 which is already gonna be over a hundred gig download .perhaps that is a little bit of a trade-off .some of the advantage of course of stadia is that you’re not having to download or update .Not only the game but also the hardware system .

The promise is that over time Google will update their server Harbor .So you’re always going to be getting the cutting-edge . Some of those benefits are supposed to also be immediately noticeable now because they’re using fast storage. But game load times are still here .I’d say they’re comparable to having a SSD on your system but you are waiting for load screens. That was a little bit surprised I thought the promise would be that games would be optimized to load almost instantaneously and that’s something that console makers are putting into their next-generation console designs. So this definitely unless they adapt that to work for those games on stadia feels more like a current gen console situation less than some magical next gen immediate loading console game .

I talked about the UI and some of the adaptations that the developers have to make for their games to work on stadia .There’s a fair bit under the hood. it seems that developers will have to tune for example you can’t adjust graphic settings in games .you have gamma settings and brightness settings.but it’s not the PC game experience where you can toggle between resolutions or anti-aliasing .None of that is transparent to the user .there’s also,some back-end work done to make sure the savegame works with stadia between different instances .but you don’t get access to the file data or mod ability and that’s still something to be determined how stadia will work with mods .it’s something they’re aware of but they just haven’t revealed to users just yet. it really feels like a lot of the UI work is adapted to make work for big screens. I think it looks really great on a big 65 inch TV and it looks really good on you know 27-inch computer monitor as well .

Google Stadia running on a Chromebook :

The game the graphics look great on a mobile phone and it’s amazing for it to see it running on a Chromebook .But the UI elements aren’t perfectly scaled for those sized screens at this point .I don’t know how much work developers have to do so make that custom work to make that look a little bit better. but the idea is that you’re supposed to be able to swap between devices and I was curious how that swapping would work .

in the stadia if you back out of a game or if you pause a game and you load up the web browser you can say resume state and you have a basically a grace period.if you turn off your chromecast and you’re then moving on to your office and loading stadia up on your office computer .you about a five to ten minute grace period where it’s gonna save that exact state. Any longer than that then the server basically to reverse to a save game and you have to load the game from the main menu .so it’s not quite instantaneous nor,is it quite as persistent as I’d hope. so that idea that in the future you’ll be able to pause the game in your living room jump on you know jump in a lift or a rideshare and play the game on your phone and then and then play it at the airport and then play it on airplane .that’s not gonna be anytime soon.

what’s also not available at launch may come down allowed are some features that Google made announcements for when they announced stadia earlier this year and that includes crowd play .the ability to watch a youtube video of someone playing ,their game of city alive click join multiplayer and join into that game immediately in their browser .that sounds like really cool potential for a cloud gaming .not available at launch .nor is State share. the ability to share where you are in your save game with someone seamlessly. so they can jump into where you are and you guys can play you know asynchronously. but have that state sharing of save
games . not available nor is stream connect the ability for people to take a
bunch of different streams of people playing stadia games and then composite them in some type of UI .

Advantages of cloud gaming :

Again lots of cool opportunities that take advantage of cloud gaming . but not ready at this point. right now there’s even just trying to get parity with the console gaming experience and at launch they don’t even have things like achievements or the friend pass just yet .what I would also love and I think would help stadia is ,ability for them to enable some type o demo mode. something that would allow people to try games out . maybe play the first 10 or 15 minutes of a game begins used that cloud streaming service and then that would maybe entice people to then buy the full version of the game. that’s what I would like to see come to cloud gaming in general. but perhaps what’s most disappointing about stadia at launch is the available games lists.

google stadia red dead redemption

Google put out lists of all the titles and all developers they’re working with
and there are some notable admissions that hopefully would be out by the end of 2019 .but at launch they’re just 12 games .yes there’s the destiny to game that ever gets for free and that’s important because that’s gonna be a closed ecosystem for multiplayer. destiny 2 players on stadia can only play with other destiny to players on the stadia. but the other games you can buy right now you know the flagships include mortal kombat 11 ,shadow of the Tomb Raider ,the latest Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and most notably probably Red Dead Redemption 2 is probably and that’s last year’s a flagship title .That’s probably the best highest quality game that takes advantage of the fact that you don’t that download a 100 gigabyte
game file to get it playing immediately. And I think the games that they’ve
promised coming down the line things like cyberpunk 2077, that’s gonna really push the limits of the latency and quality.a game like cyberpunk is gonna look amazing and it’s probably a massive game file that could potentially take huge advantage of clouds streaming and a game like dual maternal twitch shooter .that is gonna push the limits of the low
latency which will vary for different people in the launch countries for
stadia .

Cloud gaming Data Usage :

There are also considerations like I mentioned data caps .you know
streaming if you have a Gigabit Ethernet connection chances are you probably have unlimited data. so using up to 15 gigabytes per hour streaming 4k HDR 5.1 audio video isn’t gonna be a problem .but if you have a cap data connection you know 1080p streaming will take up to ten gigs per hour .even 720p connection will take up to 4.5 gigs an hour. that can add up. but it doesn’t bode well for when Google and other cloud streaming cloud gaming services inevitably want people to be using this on the go with their mobile internet connections with their Verizon and at&t mobile plans and they’re gonna be the costs associated with that .and that’s what they’re thinking is this is a long term play .google says they’re in this for the long haul .

They’ve built up an internal game development studio to make games which we won’t see the fruits of for maybe several years .They haven’t shown anything for that yeah and I’m not worried about necessarily the technology.I know that Google has the data centers. They are the right people to be investing in cloud streaming and both Sony ,Microsoft, Nvidia .they’ve already invested in cloud streaming .that feels less like a proof-of-concept technology we even saw working to some extent years ago,with online and more of an edit ability.

12 Games available for google stadia

But my fears of stadia is gonna be the game support and one how difficult will be for developers and publishers to port their games to stadia .you know they knew this launch was coming and even then they only have these 12 titles at launch .things aren’t ready .why is that the case .is it really that much more work on the backend to adapt these games. I understand it’s not gonna be a one button solution to make a PC game work on the stadia platform .but if it’s gonna be a lot of work that means a lot of costs . And so my other fear is that publishers may be scared away not only by that cost but the unproven market that is stadia and cloud gaming in general. it’s that chicken and egg problem you know publishers may not want to invest and spend the money making their games work on this platform if there aren’t enough users out there and there aren’t gonna be enough user out there If there aren’t enough compelling reasons or content to make people adopt this platform . And at launch right now
where they’re already asking people to spend ten dollars a month on this or paid invest 130 dollars on the founders edition .there’s a not a lot to make me convinced that there’s gonna be a big enough community to convince more publishers to jump on board. now Google,has a lot of money. they can invest in the technology .they can invest in the game studios maybe they could also invest in ways to get people into this platform for free .and so the next tier you know the free version of CD I think will be a lot of the proving grounds for this service and for stadia in the first year of launch. that’s coming in 2020.

Google stadia beta launch :

so in 2019 right now November as the stadia has launched it really feels like more of a beta launch .I wish Google would be more transparent about that. you know not all the features are there and yeah this like other Google products will have more feature rollouts . but if it’s something that they announced back in March and have promised throughout the months and they’re calling this a laungh. that’s just not acceptable because this is not YouTube or Google Docs you know .this is supposed to compete with PC game with Steam with epic ,the games store with Xbox with PlayStation and those consoles those platforms don’t launch with almost half of their feature set not there with the promise of the feature set coming and with this paltry of a launch lineup . so consider this an evaluation of school stadia beta in my mind it’s still beta at launch and we’ll come back and reevaluate it a couple months down the line when there are more opportunities playing more games when the free tier comes out .

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How to Choose the Correct Fly Fishing Flies?

fly fishing flies

Dry fly fishing flies :

So we’ll talk about how to choose the correct fly fishing flies . Your fly is your number one most important piece of gear . If your fly doesn’t look right and your fly doesn’t behave right nothing else matters . Your fancy fly rod ,your Gucci fly-fishing jacket none of that is gonna do you any good if your fly sucks . So that being said let’s take a look at some of the basic categories .

The word dry fly ,dry fly is exactly as it sounds they float . Dry flies float on the surface and dry flies are usually imitating adult or winged aquatic insects after they have hatched from the nymphal form and now they’re the adults that we see flying around or floating on the water . So it’s adult form of the aquatic insect . But it could also be terrestrial insects like grass hoppers, ants ,beetles, even mice can fall into that category. If a mice were to drop into the river he’s gonna be on the surface of the water and that can theoretically be termed as a dry fly .

Wet fly fishing flies :

Your next term is going to be nymph or you’ll also hear wet fly . A nymph or wet fly sinks it gets wet . Nymphs are the immature form of the aquatic insects. They’re in their nymphal or their larval stage where they’re staying at bottom of the stream and that’s where the fish are going to most encounter them . So nymphs and wet flies subtle difference between an infant and wet fly . But for the most part you’re either imitating the nymphal form, the larval form or maybe a wet fly as its emerging what we call emerging when it’s swimming to the surface to become the adult aquatic insect .

Bait fish fishing :

And kind of last but not least in this main category is the streamer . And streamers equal bait fish . Remember this when it comes to fly selection all fish eat other fish. And any fish will eat other fish one-third their body size on a regular. So the lesson to be learned ,there is you can always fish a streamer or a bait fish imitation and you can really hardly ever fish one that’s big enough . If you’re ever standing on the side of a body water wondering what fly to fish remember that all fish eat other fish . So that’s kind of three main categories . your dry flies float aquatic insects or terrestrial ,nymphs and wet flies sink and they’re imitating the immature form or the emergent form of those aquatic insects and then streamers equal bait fish .

You can kind of get into Pike flies and bass flies and things like that .Pike ,bass , muskie , those can kind of fall into their own categories . But primarily those fish are going to eat other fish. So most Pike flies and bass flies imitate other bait fish but there could be frogs , Mouse patterns and some of those could be dry flies that are fished on the surface . Some of them could be subsurface. They also you might get into realistic flies , that actually look like the real thing you look at it in a fly shop and you’d swear it’s a real frog or it might just be an attractor type fly . It’s chartreuse it doesn’t look like anything found in Mother Nature . But it’s one of the world’s best bass flies and it just gets their attention . It just looks like something that they want to smash or eat or whatever it might be . So keep that in mind to that you’ve got realistic flies and attractor type flies within each of the categories .

Saltwater flies :

And then when it comes to saltwater flies . Saltwater flies really easy . Here’s what I tell people go to Lobster hotel ,open the menu at Lobster hotel and that’s what your saltwater fly box should look like. You should have some fish ,you should have some shrimp ,you should have some crabs, and if you’re fishing in the Northeast, especially you should have some squid . So just like the menu at Lobster hotel fish, shrimp , crabs , squid ,that’s what your saltwater fly box should look like . These are almost always going to be wet flies fish below the surface . Very rarely are you’re going to catch saltwater fish on the surface . So there you have the kind of the basic nomenclature on flies . Dry flies ,wet flies and nymphs , streamers and then you kind of break it by species and saltwater flies .so really pretty simple .

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Pod Tracker For pets

I am always up for sharing products like this.Pod Tracker help bring animals back to their home,and pod trackers does a great job of doing that. so I will be showing you guys.There was an app that you can download for free with one click of a button you could find your pet and locate them .You can also monitor their activity as well as setting escape alerts and safe zones.So when your pet leaves that it would alert you .So it comes with many great things inside . So this pod tracker comes with an extra battery which is cool. I like how they give you two of those and a couple cable ties and cords over here .

So by the,way this could be used for cats and dogs,which is a great thing that way you can always monitor and track your cat or dog and know where they’re at and after reading the instructions is pretty simple to assemble. so put it on dog’s collar to check it out .it tells you some of the cool things . So it has location ,activity monitoring, it’s waterproof it’s light it’s very light actually fits all,colors and suitable for dogs and cats.

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Pet Activity Tracker

Pet Activity Tracker

24/7 pet activity tracker  will help you to be aware of the activities of your Dog or cat . Its a token hung on a dogs collar its able to transmit a signal to the users mobile with the help of android application. It monitors minutes of activity hours of sleep ,calories burned .Tracker is only 6 grams so the animal doesn’t even notice it and doesn’t feel any discomfort . Pet Activity Tracker is resistant to water and also doesn’t discharge the battery so fast so it can be charged less often with the help of the activity tracker. The owner can easily maintain the health of the dog or cat preventing excess weight gain its cost is from 40 to 50 dollars.

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Is 5G Dangerous?

Is 5G  dangerous

Is 5G Slowly Killing Us? Is 5G dangerous ?Given the current pace of technological change,the world can be a scary place. While some,of us embrace these changes, others prefer The extraordinary question: Is 5G slowly killing,us? Are you constantly curious?

What is 5G ?

5G is the fifth generation of cellular network technology, rolled out commercially in 2019.,By using higher frequency radio waves, it
provides a much faster connection to the internet,for cell phones and other devices. In fact, it’s supposed to be at least ten times faster,than 4G LTE. For the time-being, it’s only live in a few cities, like London and New,York, so coverage remains spotty. But already,
Concerns about how much infrastructure will,have to be built are dominating much of the discussion. Anti-5G activists around the world,are already petitioning local councils to block the technology, out of concern that,the radio waves it uses could be dangerous.
There are worries about the abundance of “electromagnetic interference” in the world, and that the waves might be carcinogenic and affect child,development.,First, let’s get something straight about radio waves.

The electromagnetic spectrum,is vast, home to all sorts of different waves,
from dangerous gamma rays, to visible light,and radio waves. These all count as electromagnetic radiation, since “radiation” refers,to the transmission of energy as waves or particles through space. For some, the fact,that cell phones emit “radiation” is proof enough that the devices are dangerous. But,not all “radiation” is bad for us. It all depends on the wavelength of the radiation,in question. Gamma rays, for example, have extremely short wavelengths, which means they,pack more of a punch and can knock electrons.out of their orbits around atomic nuclei.,This is known as “ionizing radiation”,and it can damage DNA and cause danger. Radio,waves, however, travel at much longer wavelengths,

And are therefore NON-ionizing.,What frightens people about 5G is the fact
that the wavelengths ARE much shorter than,those for 4G, using something called “millimeter waves”. But these “millimeter waves”,have nowhere near the frequencies of gamma rays, or X-rays. Like other radio waves, they’re,non-ionizing. That hasn’t stopped people from worrying though.,Of course, ever since the first mobile phone went on sale in the 1980s, people have been,wary. Rumors that phones can give you cancer have pervaded pop culture and the media. Critics,claim that their effects haven’t been properly tested. But . . . that isn’t actually true.,In fact, in the last decades, many studies have been undertaken, and none have established,that cell phones have adverse health effects.

Is 5G cause Cancer?

Is 5G dangerous ?The World Health Organization DOES list radio frequency,electromagnetic fields as “possibly carcinogenic”,meaning that it can’t be completely ruled,out without further studies. But so far, even though our cell phone use has exploded in,recent years, there’s been no commensurate increase in brain tumors or cancers, once,we adjust for improved diagnostic techniques.,There is a real and growing anti-5G movement however, fueled by lots of misinformation,about its alleged dangers. Its principal champions include Dutch “UFO researcher” John Kuhles,and alleged Russian propaganda outlet RT America, who warn of an approaching “5G Apocalypse”.,The outlet has been accused of pushing the
conspiracy to delay the US in its implementation,of 5G, so that Russia can develop superior infrastructure – although it’s a theory,that’s pretty tough to prove. Either way,the movements are becoming so prevalent that,in the lead up to 2019’s Glastonbury Festival,mobile network operator EE had to put together,a community outreach program to address fears about their 5G trial.,According to some conspiracy theorists, corporations and governments KNOW that 5G is dangerous,,and want to roll it out anyway. But that . . . doesn’t make a lot of sense.

5G vs 4G ?

In time, the technology,will become pervasive, and replace 4G. Why would people want to harm not only their own,citizens, or customers, but also themselves and their families? Installing 5G is also,an incredibly expensive undertaking, estimated by some to be in the billions of dollars.,Why go to all that trouble and spend all that money, for a technology that would ultimately,have to be dismantled in light of further studies?,This doesn’t mean that 5G is perfect, however, There are people who are sceptical for good,reasons, because it does have drawbacks. While it’s many times faster than 4G, it has a,much shorter range – only 1,000 feet compared to 4G’s 10 miles. This means that we’ll,need antennae and receivers all over the place to gain consistent 5G coverage. It’s the,installation of these that will cost so much money.,While this might not cost consumers, buying a fancy 5G phone will. At the time of writing,,there were barely half a dozen 5G handsets available for purchase. And while more will,inevitably become available, it’ll take years for them to come down in price.

Smartphones,are already expensive investments, so paying an additional 300 bucks or so to get one with,5G, when 5G isn’t even available yet in most parts of the world, is something that,few people can justify. It won’t kill you, But it might kill your bank account.,Another big issue is that 5G waves are more easily blocked than 4G waves, including by,trees, so getting super-fast coverage to rural areas would be even more difficult than it,is already.,As far as the anti-5G movement is concerned.

However, this is merely a case of history,repeating itself. People are always scared of change, especially technological change,,and often view it as frightening and unnecessary. Take for example the adoption of electric,lighting. You probably think nothing of the electric light bulbs you have in your home.,But a little over a century ago, many people
hated the thought of electric lighting becoming,the norm, despite the problems with gas lighting.Electric lights in the home were adopted slowly,and grudgingly, with frightening stories about the dangers of electricity circulating everywhere.,People worried that installing all that electric wiring would be like inviting lightning into,their home.

But ultimately, the technology won out, and these ideas seem almost absurd,to us today. What’s more concerning than 5G is the misinformation that circulates around,it. And there are still a few years beforeit becomes a global reality.,As far as we know, based on existing studies,cell-phone cancer is just another scary story,doing the rounds online, right as a new and
misunderstood technology is about to be embraced.,And that’s why 5G isn’t slowly killing us.,What do you think? Is there anything we missed?

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Now there are plans for 4g to be replaced by you guessed it 5g .A new faster network that has the potential to transform the internet. 5g is a software defined network it means that while it wont replace cables entirely it could replace the need for them by largely operating on the cloud instead. This means it will have a 100x better capacity than 4g which will dramatically improve internet speeds. For example to download a two-hour film on 3g would take about 26 hours on 4g would be waiting 6 minutes and on 5g you’ll be ready to watch your film in just over three and a half seconds. But its not just internet capacity that will be upgraded. Response times will also be much faster. The 4g network responds to our commands in just under 50 milliseconds. with 5g it will take around one millisecond 400 times faster than a blink of the eye .

Smartphone users will enjoy a more streamlined experience but for a world that is increasingly dependant on the internet just to function a reduction in time delay is critical.

5g will also provide a much more personalized web experience using a technique called network slicing. its a way of creating separate wireless networks on the cloud allowing users to create their own bespoke network. For instance an online gamer needs faster response times and greater data capacity than a user that just wants to check their social media. Being able to personalize the internet will also benefit businesses. At big events like mobile world congress for example there is a mass influx of people in one particular area using data-heavy applications. but with 5g organizers could pay for an increased slice of the network boosting its internet capacity and thus improving its visitors online experience. so when can we start using 5g well not yet and according to some analysts not until 2020. 5g was created years ago and has been talked up ever since. yet its estimated that even by 2025 the network will still lag behind both 4g and 3g in terms of global mobile connections. its mainstream existence faces multiple hurdles. the most significant of these of course is cost. according to some experts 5g could cause network operators to tear up their current business models for it to make business sense.

In the u.k. for example 3g and 4g networks were relatively cheap to set up because they were able to roll out on existing frequencies on the countries radio spectrum. for 5g to work properly however it needs a frequency with much bigger bandwidth which would require brand new infrastructure. some analysts believe that the extensive building and running costs will force operators to share the use and management of the mobile network. this has been less of an obstacle for countries like china who are taking a more coherent approach. the government operators and local companies such as huawei and zte are about to launch big 5g trials that would put them at the forefront of equipment production for the new technology. that may be at the expense of the west where there is concern regarding asia’s 5g progress. a leaked memo from the national security council to the white house called for a nationalized 5g network to keep the u.s. ahead of their global competitors. white house officials dismissed the idea but some experts predict that by 2025 nearly half of all mobile connections in the u.s. will be 5g a greater percentage than any other country or region. its still likely however that much of the west will have a more gradual approach to 5g driven by competition but with a patchy style of development. for example at&t pledged to start rolling out 5g later this year but in just a handful of cities .