Pod Tracker For pets

I am always up for sharing products like this.Pod Tracker help bring animals back to their home,and pod trackers does a great job of doing that. so I will be showing you guys.There was an app that you can download for free with one click of a button you could find your pet and locate them .You can also monitor their activity as well as setting escape alerts and safe zones.So when your pet leaves that it would alert you .So it comes with many great things inside . So this pod tracker comes with an extra battery which is cool. I like how they give you two of those and a couple cable ties and cords over here .

So by the,way this could be used for cats and dogs,which is a great thing that way you can always monitor and track your cat or dog and know where they’re at and after reading the instructions is pretty simple to assemble. so put it on dog’s collar to check it out .it tells you some of the cool things . So it has location ,activity monitoring, it’s waterproof it’s light it’s very light actually fits all,colors and suitable for dogs and cats.

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