Motorola RAZR Gaming Review

Motorola RAZR Foldable :

I finally got my hands on another fobel device. I’m talking about the Motorola RAZR . Now all remember the old razor if you’re young you’re going okay this is a pretty cool-looking foldable . Every time i gotta buy a new device the first thing we do is i play some games on here and of course I got to play call of duty mobile on Motorola RAZR and do a gaming review about motorola razr . But before we get into gameplay in a second .Let’s just talk about what we have here. That is truly unique now in terms of size and footprint when it is folded it is the same size as the original Motorola RAZR. it is thin it is small it is very portable . So you put it in your pocket it slides right in I mean it fits in any pocket or pouch or purse if you will .

Now when you open it up it’s got a 6.2 inch display .This is a nice display it looks pretty nice and vibrant . The display also is a foldable display .but you really can’t see the crease here because they’ve got a really cool hinge mechanism with sliding plates . So it folds flat. It folds literally flat whenever you fold it or open it up as you can clearly see. Now this is powered by the Snapdragon 710 processor . So this is not of course you talk to your processor. But more of us focusing on design and functionality .one of the components are packed into the chin where you have cause the speaker or USB type-c ports your antennas as well it’s powered by 6 gigs of RAM in the device.

Motorola Razr Gaming :

now what about gaming and gameplay. now i play call of duty Mobile on its max settings . So there is something to be said though about gaming on this device . It getting really well . What I liked about it is as you bend and folded by a vice while gaming it felt really rigid and solid. You know just navigating on that screen again it’s kind of like a 21 by 9 aspect ratio .so it’s much wider it felt good. I felt like I got a good field of view. terms of temperatures it ran really hot quickly . Again this is not a final device so I can’t give you a gauge on that . They will change a couple of things I’m sure before it actually found any launches and maybe software tweaks and things like that . But you do have that in mind. device it would be launching in January 2020 . Pre-orders start in December . so take it as you will pricing is 1,500 for the device . But if a Verizon customer you can get it for 62 dollars a month in terms of their pricing skill .

Now the device is really unique. I mean you’ve got a front display that acts as your notification display you can quickly respond to people check out notifications you don’t have to open up your device . So you don’t feel tethered to it.but you can use that front display as with the rear camera which is the 60 million pixel camera to of course take your selfies you twist and unlock your device . You can start shooting photos and all that kind of fun stuff . The camera will go into different modes automatically for you into like portrait or it will go into night mode whatever situations you fall into . They said they’ve got disabilities there but i didn’t spend a lot of time with that. Don’t know the battery size yet because they didn’t talk about this but I have to say though the hinge feels really good . the display will just be solid it is water scratch resistant as well so you’ve got that built in there. It closes flat it fits into your pocket well and it does have the call of duty well enough . So I really can’t complain there.

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