NVIDIA GTX 1660 Ti Review – The Fastest GPU Under $300!

Another day and another major launch in the graphics card realm .it seems like the last few months have been filled with these .I mean honestly guys it started with the RTX a series back in October and then it later on continued with AMD launch of the RX 590.. now it’s Nvidia’s turn again but in a very different way that people are expecting .So these are examples of the gtx 1660 TI . gtx 1000 series is making a comeback and I’m super stoked about that .now what exactly it’s a gtx 1660 TI .well I’m gonna make this explanation as simple as possible before getting into the performance results .

Whats inside GTX 1660 Ti

in short what NVIDIA has done is taking the turing architecture from the RTX cards and cut out both the tensor and RT partitions .what we’re left with is what’s called a tu116 which is GPU core without any rtx features .so forget about running things like DLSS or ray-tracing .however it uses the brand new turing architecture with a 12 nanometer manufacturing process .so shady performance is loads better than a gtx 1060 for example .the cool thing here is that along with the turing architecture enhancements the gtx 1660 TI also gets its enhanced nVNC encoder and NVdec decoder capabilities.that’s a pretty big deal for streamers.right now ray tracing and other AI operations take a ton of resources even with the tensor and RT cores helping out. and that means lower end graphics cards would be able to offer a good gameplay experience and guess what that’ll cause some of invidious key technologies to be only available for people who are willing to spend a big chunk of money on these expensive RTX GPUs .and I wonder how that’ll affect RTX game development .probably not that well now.

GTX 1660 Ti Price

for my specs and pricing standpoint the GTX 1660 Ti sits right in between the GTX 1060 6 gigabyte and the RTX 2060 .it’ll start up $280 and as 1536 CUDA cores and 6 gigabytes of 12 gigabits per sec GDDR memory operating over 192 bit memory bus .it’ll start at $280 which happens to be $30 more than what this 1060 launched. but it’s $70 less than the lowest-priced rtx 2060’s do note that nvidia won’t have a Founders Edition on this one though as for clock speeds the reference boards will have a booth speed of 1770 megahertz the EVGA gtx 1660 ti XC Black Edition that I have over here hits those reference speeds and also Nvidia‘s $280 starting price .we actually saw its boost frequency hit 1880 megahertz pretty regularly though. the MSI gaming X version is a different beast on the other hand. it comes pre overclocked and with a pretty hefty 310 price tag .but it’s levelled out around 1950 megahertz in most games .so expect a few FPS improvement. the problem might be its price since $310 puts msi really close to lower priced RTX 2060 cards .but don’t forget the 2060s boot speeds are only around 1700 megahertz .so it’ll be interesting to see how closely MSI 1660 I can get. For more visit


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