3D multi jointed swimbaits lures

 Multi-Jointed Swimbaits

This swim bait that I actually found on Amazon and it’s not that expensive. This thing was under $20 which is crazy .Because some of the baits that I used were over $100 .I’ll be honest I’m pretty surprised by this thing’s action.It’s got a nice little tail kick to it.when I twitch it it kind of shoots off to the side .

Top features :

  1. Extreme realism
  2. Swims like a real fish
  3. Strong jointing & increased flexibility

How to Choose the Correct Fly Fishing Flies?

fly fishing flies

Dry fly fishing flies :

So we’ll talk about how to choose the correct fly fishing flies . Your fly is your number one most important piece of gear . If your fly doesn’t look right and your fly doesn’t behave right nothing else matters . Your fancy fly rod ,your Gucci fly-fishing jacket none of that is gonna do you any good if your fly sucks . So that being said let’s take a look at some of the basic categories .

The word dry fly ,dry fly is exactly as it sounds they float . Dry flies float on the surface and dry flies are usually imitating adult or winged aquatic insects after they have hatched from the nymphal form and now they’re the adults that we see flying around or floating on the water . So it’s adult form of the aquatic insect . But it could also be terrestrial insects like grass hoppers, ants ,beetles, even mice can fall into that category. If a mice were to drop into the river he’s gonna be on the surface of the water and that can theoretically be termed as a dry fly .

Wet fly fishing flies :

Your next term is going to be nymph or you’ll also hear wet fly . A nymph or wet fly sinks it gets wet . Nymphs are the immature form of the aquatic insects. They’re in their nymphal or their larval stage where they’re staying at bottom of the stream and that’s where the fish are going to most encounter them . So nymphs and wet flies subtle difference between an infant and wet fly . But for the most part you’re either imitating the nymphal form, the larval form or maybe a wet fly as its emerging what we call emerging when it’s swimming to the surface to become the adult aquatic insect .

Bait fish fishing :

And kind of last but not least in this main category is the streamer . And streamers equal bait fish . Remember this when it comes to fly selection all fish eat other fish. And any fish will eat other fish one-third their body size on a regular. So the lesson to be learned ,there is you can always fish a streamer or a bait fish imitation and you can really hardly ever fish one that’s big enough . If you’re ever standing on the side of a body water wondering what fly to fish remember that all fish eat other fish . So that’s kind of three main categories . your dry flies float aquatic insects or terrestrial ,nymphs and wet flies sink and they’re imitating the immature form or the emergent form of those aquatic insects and then streamers equal bait fish .

You can kind of get into Pike flies and bass flies and things like that .Pike ,bass , muskie , those can kind of fall into their own categories . But primarily those fish are going to eat other fish. So most Pike flies and bass flies imitate other bait fish but there could be frogs , Mouse patterns and some of those could be dry flies that are fished on the surface . Some of them could be subsurface. They also you might get into realistic flies , that actually look like the real thing you look at it in a fly shop and you’d swear it’s a real frog or it might just be an attractor type fly . It’s chartreuse it doesn’t look like anything found in Mother Nature . But it’s one of the world’s best bass flies and it just gets their attention . It just looks like something that they want to smash or eat or whatever it might be . So keep that in mind to that you’ve got realistic flies and attractor type flies within each of the categories .

Saltwater flies :

And then when it comes to saltwater flies . Saltwater flies really easy . Here’s what I tell people go to Lobster hotel ,open the menu at Lobster hotel and that’s what your saltwater fly box should look like. You should have some fish ,you should have some shrimp ,you should have some crabs, and if you’re fishing in the Northeast, especially you should have some squid . So just like the menu at Lobster hotel fish, shrimp , crabs , squid ,that’s what your saltwater fly box should look like . These are almost always going to be wet flies fish below the surface . Very rarely are you’re going to catch saltwater fish on the surface . So there you have the kind of the basic nomenclature on flies . Dry flies ,wet flies and nymphs , streamers and then you kind of break it by species and saltwater flies .so really pretty simple .

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